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Arsenal Blogz is, quite simply, the ramblings of a bone-headed Gooner from India. It’s a mishmash of views regarding everything significant and insignificant Arsenal Football Club encounter. Freddy Dennis, a huge Santi Cazorla fan and France follower comes up with most of the crap around here.

Everyone’s allowed to have an opinion here as long as it’s put across the right way. No “Go support Chelsea” or “I honestly feel so sorry that you’re opinion is so shit”retorts will be entertained here. If you want to argue, please put it across with some modicum of decency, and I’ll be all the happier to follow through.

You can contact me through various social media sites if you ever want to share your feedback, write for this blog or, God forbid, want to dare to know more about me. Aside from that, have a nice day, stay safe and never stop fighting for your opinion!

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